Sunday, June 17, 2007

Interview: Redux

Remember last week when I was whining (and I use that word most sparingly) about the job interview that I tanked the week I fell sick? Well, today I had another one with a hospital in Oakland on the same kind of unit that I used to work in back East. I had so much angst heading over there because although it's been 2 weeks since the Interview Freeze I still hadn't gotten my confidence back. I actually came back inside the house and almost called to cancel in a fit of nerves but my roomie whipped me into shape and told me to stop being a punk.

Okay...for the most part I'm not a punk. But I hate to feel like I'm an idiot. I consider myself reasonably smart...perhaps even quite intelligent, so when my brain/memory fails me, especially in situations that I should be able to breeze through, I absolutely detest the feeling. I didn't really go into details about how bad the last interview was on was so bad that I came home in tears and ended up bawling all over the Fiance as I mumbled how many times I had screwed up in a 30 minute interview. I still had flashbacks about it all through the day, and the nursing questions keep playing over and over in my head.

Fast forward to today...I KICKED ASS! Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah! *doing booty shake*. There was this calmness that came over me from the moment I stepped into the office until hours later when I stood outside the pavement jumping up and down. I felt no pressure to perform whatsoever, and just talked to the Supervisor about my previous nursing experience and how I would make a good fit into their unit. He asked me far more questions than the last interview, in much more nursing depth than before as well and I nailed each question leaving him more than satisfied. The best part---no eyes boring into my skull. He was so laid back and chill, it made me more relaxed.

"Why should I hire you?" he asked me towards the end of the interview.

"Because I'm fabulous!" was my first response, which I later segued easily into a list of great reasons. This was the best interview I'd ever had.

He introduced me to the other nurses working that day as Vixen, a registered nurse that will be working on their unit sometime in the near future. Say what?

Oh yeah. He told me twice during the course of the 85 minute interview that he likes me and plans to offer me a position. He is checking my references and then will forward my info directly to HR for a direct hire. This means I skip going to HR to beg for a job from the hospital, this time the hospital is coming to me. It doesn't get much better than that.

Take that, mean lady boring holes into my head with your horn rimmed glasses and PMS-ey attitude. You just lost out on hiring a great nurse. Actually---you just lost out on hiring a fuckin' fabulous nurse.


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