Monday, July 09, 2007

The Willing

Today was the first day at my new official job. I happened to meet a new grad as I stood waiting for the elevator and we clicked instantly and chilled for the whole day. It's interesting how people from diverse places and backgrounds can all fall under the wonderful umbrella of nursing and fit in somehow.

I learned that no matter how inexperienced I think I am, there is always someone that knows less than me. I actually felt like kind of a veteran in the room surrounded with all the new grads. They have such a fresh, excited energy that is so enthusiastic, friendly and warm. I hope that the toll of our demanding job won't take that spark from them.

For me, I think the spark is still there. My man tells me every time I come back from a hard shift at work, I come home glowing. "There's something so beautiful about you when you come back from work, something that I've never seen before."

I have no idea what he's talking about, but I do know that ever since I got back into nursing, I have been more satisfied and content with myself as a person. And it is true, when you help others even in the smallest way, some of that good energy comes back to you.

There's a quote I saw the other day that fits perfectly into nursing.
We the willing, led by the Unknowing
Are doing the Impossible for the Ungrateful.
We have done so much for so long, with so little
We are now qualified to do anything with nothing.
~ Mother Teresa

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raecatherine said...

what beautiful words from mother theresa. this will keep me going on
my next tiring shift!