Friday, October 12, 2007

Patient Twelve

The service coordinator of all the Company hospitals found me out on the floor today and shook my hand. "I'm honored to meet you," she stated. My manager was there and they were both smiling at me benignly.

"Ummm, okay, yeah, nice to meet you too!" I said as I tried to extricate myself.

"Vixen, we just interviewed your new patient in room 12 and she's very impressed with you. She said that you two have formed a bond in the last 2 hours and that you were making efforts to help her get a shower---the one thing that she has been desperately craving."

Patient 12 was a new admit from ER, having been down there for almost a day. We joked as I settled her in and assessed her, and her mom was there, showing me pictures of her grand-daughter. I hadn't thought I'd done much, but apparently, P12 did.

"Really?" I asked incredulously. Did they really have the right nurse?

"Yes, she specifically said your name and how helpful you've been. You've shown the kind of service that we want from all our nurses," stated the service director as she shook my hand again, gave me a smile and walked away. My manager winked at me and whispered, "Good Job Vix!"

Hot diggity damn! I mean, I knew I was a fab nurse, but such positive reinforcement was enough to make my month. P12 got her shower that evening, and I got another great reason of why I love being a nurse.

It's about the connection.

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NocturnalRN said...

Good for you and nice to hear some nurses get to hear the compliments instead of complaints.