Monday, November 12, 2007

The Needle Less System

I love whoever created the Luer Lock system. My current hospital doesn't use Luer locks, they have a weird soft rubber system that you have to add a plastic blunt catheter to be able to puncture the rubber part. I think it's tedious and time consuming, and I can't wait to switch to Luer Locks again.

I was trying to explain to my man how effective the needle-less system is, and how good it is that you can retract a needle if you do use one with the one touch method. He has such a huge fear that I might get stuck one day and I was trying to reassure him. I don't know how much it helped explaining the system, but it's another thing I have to thank God for.

Can you imagine nursing 10, 15 or even 20 years before such systems came into effect? How careful you had to be to dispose of the needle properly and how scared one would be all day long under this cloud. It's hard enough working in a health-ruining environment and that's not even thinking about needle sticks.

Good luck to all the nurses out there who work out and do their best whatever situations they find themselves. Stay safe peoples.

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