Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Norovirus

Our unit got hit with a gastro-enteritis virus last week. One patient had it and then it mysteriously appeared in 2 other patients. It's passed around by droplet transmission, and 15 nurses were out sick with it before it cleared out. The hospital infection control department quarantined our unit, and all patients with the mysterious N-virus were sent to our unit with all other patients being transferred out of it.

We had to be on droplet precautions, from gowns to booties each time we went in a room. Everything was bleached all day long, as that was the only thing that could kill the virus. If it stayed on an inanimate object, it could be transmitted for up to 30 days. Handwashing was amped up as well as bleaching all your stuff, even your shoes. If you caught it, you were sick with vomiting or diarrhea for 12-48 hours but couldn't be at work for 3 days after your last symptoms, to make sure that you didn't pass it on. People showed up at work and got sent home because they were still in the 'incubation' period.

The Norovirus took out our whole unit. But now it's gone. And thank God I didn't catch it.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

yea, we had a problem with it in Nigeria. anywho nice spot, hit me up when u can..he has a Coretta.
y yawl hang up on me jones

Ms. Lovely said...

Wow. That sucks...

Nice blog..I'm a nursing student and I just happened to stumble across you today (and I JUST got done taking one of those terrible nursing tests! arrrghhhh)

overactive-imagination said...

Yikes, that sucks. We seem to be on a run of respiratory ailments on my floor, patients and nurses alike. Makes you wonder how well things are getting sterilized or cleaned between pt/pt and room/room doesn't it? I guess sometimes it's just inevitable.

I didn't realize until the last time I was here (in too much of a rush to post) that you were one in the same as BGG. You are gorgeous Girl!
I hope you are back to feeling 100%

NocturnalRN said...

I'm glad you didn't either. You've had enough to handle.