Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Working Blues

Whoa, I can't believe it's been a month since a posted. That means that I've done 12-15 shifts, but have been too tired to write about it. I'm going through a period of frustration on my job. So much that I'm counting the remaining weeks left on my travel contract. The unit I work on is so disorganized, and the charge nurses make me the doormat on every shift I work.

I won't even go into all the injustices here, but to those that say that "oh you are getting paid more so you shouldn't complain"--get real! The staff nurses are making more than I am AND they get benefits. It's so bad that I actually heave a sigh of relief when I get floated---because the unit that I get floated too always ends up being better than my home unit. Wherever else I'm floated to---they are nicer and more helpful.

I hope that for the rest of the assignment, they float me every chance they get. Especially to the 7th floor---I heart the seventh floor! Even though it's just pure Med Surg, the energy up there is so refreshing and everyone is so helpful and friendly. It really does matter the attitude that your coworkers have.

So I'm buckling in for 2 more nights this week. Wish me luck.


Philly's Andrea said...

Ok, so I've been stalking your blog in silence for months now. Sorry I didn't drop you a line sooner. I'm a nursing student. Or maybe I shouldn't say that because technically I'm not in the program as of yet but I feel like I am being as though I've taking so many darn courses. But I will be soon and I can't wait!! I'm a Medical Assistant a.k.a an under paid nurse without the degree, title or $$! (sigh) but it gives me much experience that I know will be so helpful for me. I'm thankful for it. I'll continue to stalk your page for updates. Love it here.

raecatherine said...

geez that sucks. every travel nurse i've worked with (except one who had a talent for dissappearing for about 2 hours every shift) has been an exceptional nurse. above and beyond being ready & willing to help the unit out in a pinch. sounds like morale is really, really, low on that unit. glad to hear you're almost done!

Vixen said...

Hey Ladies!

Andrea, keep doing your thing! Nursing school is hard but once you start working the job is totally worth it. I heart stalkers!

Rae, tell me about it. I'm trying to keep this a positive space but I have less than 4 weeks until it's over. They asked me if I wanted to renew and I was like...uh Hell No! Better luck with my next contract. You are right, the administration sucks and morale is way low. So many people keep quitting, even the last manager quit.

Asclepius said...

Hey Vixen!

I decided to come by and check out your "nursing" blog. :)

I know what you're saying about the travelers seemingly always the door mat. By my third assignment at The University of Chicago I swear I was working 3 floors every single night. I looked like someone had taken into a back alley and beaten the crap out of me at the end of every 12+ hr shift.

That was the most unsafe situation I've ever been in! It makes me laugh that U.C. makes the top of the U.S. News and World Report polls every year. People don't realize though they are ranked that way because of their research not their care.

Ahhhh, traveling is on hiatus for me now though. I'm trying to adjust to my new job as a CHF educator. I enjoy the teaching part so much but the majority of the job ends up being paper work. I spend almost 5 hours of the day in charts, hunting and pecking for ejection fractions, BNP's and the errant doctor's note that says "CHF" somewhere in tiny letters as the 7th diagnosis that everyone else failed to mention. *lol*

I don't know how long I'm going to be able to hang in there being off the floor. When I was rounding today on my old home floor the thought of volunteering for a shift was bouncing around inside my head. Maybe I should have it examined?

nelson said...

hi there! i felt the same way last year, when I was all fed up with my work. I decided not to renew my contract, and now I am doing well with a teaching career in nursing. and i am enjoying it.

your nursing blog is very informative, and entertaining as well. pls keep writing.

overactive-imagination said...

Only having worked as a tech at this point.......I already know that the people you work with can either make your day or make it suck which is why I am seriously considering NOT taking my "guranteed" job on my current floor.
I don't understand people who come in to work with crappy attitudes. Yeah, it's work and really?...who LOVES work but why not make the best of it?