Friday, May 23, 2008

Loving my New Gig

I cannot fully express how much I LOVE my new job! It's so much better than my last. I guess it takes being in the pits for 13 weeks to actually find and appreciate something that is so much better!

I work in the CCU (which is going to look super good on my resume!) I haven't worked in the CCU officially before, and this is a 3 month stint. It's been good so far, the hospital is fairly isolated in the boonies, so most of the super critical patients we transfer to one of the more high tech hospitals after we stabilize them. In some ways I feel like it's bare bones nursing, but my coworkers are super cool, the manager is the best and the patients aren't above my skill level.

I feel competent and appreciated. I feel like my being there matters and that I'm actually valued as a person. I don't feel dumped on---the assignments are always fair. I love it so much. Best of all, the pay is super good, way better than my last job.

I have no complaints, I only wish that I could stay here longer than 13 weeks...I don't know, I might re-up after my contract is over, that's how good it is.


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RN Jobs Chicago said...

Doesn't that make a huge difference? That's what most people want, to feel like they are treated fairly in the workplace.

Olamild said...

There's nothing as good as loving what you do

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michael said...

Interesting blog you have here. I know how it is when you're working for a company and nobody really values your hard work or character. It usually doesn't end up for both parties but when you do find something like your contract gig, it's something you want to cherish because it could end at any given moment.

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Lee Van Michaels said...

I am glad you found your happy assignment, a lot of nurses are not sure what they really are looking for until they stumble across it. I have a few friends that are "city" folk now living in the high desert of the mid-west and vice-verse.

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