Thursday, September 27, 2007

I Love my Job But...

I don't.

I love the patient population, the coworkers, the connecting.
I detest the systems, the paperwork and the constant lack of support.

I found out this week that they are cutting out nurse assistants out of the hospital completely. Nurses will be in charge of 'the total care' of the patient. The patient load is the same---so for some brilliant reason Management decided to cut costs but cutting out the auxillary staff. It sounds good in theory, but in practice? It's total bullocks.

The first day that I was in the new system was this past Tuesday. I felt like I was chasing my tail all day long. It was a constant struggle to stay in the required time-line with the addition of vital signs, bed baths, feeding patients and making beds.

In addition, I had 2 unstable patients that required alot of close monitoring and assistance. Recipe for disaster...? Yes.

I'm dreading going in to work on Friday. Mainly because I think my boss is going to drag me into his office again to give me another speech. At my old job, I was the star nurse, the resource person, the one who knew what she was doing. Here I feel like I'm constantly being called into the principals office or having my coworkers act like I'm inept because my face is so 'young'.

As you can see, I'm having a lousy week at work. I hope the weekend is much better.


NocturnalRN said...

Sorry so crappy, Vix. There are a lot of needs for nurses. What is keeping you there? If they told me they were cutting out CNAs, I'd be asking for only 2 floor patient loads or I'd be outie. Too many other jobs. Or are there where you are? Hang in there.

Scrubs Gallery said...

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Sounds like a tough boss :(