Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not Taking a Break

I got 'talked to' by the assistant manager on my unit for not taking a lunch break all through my shift. I was soooo busy, running from start to finish, and I didn't even get a chance to eat. And then on top of that, to have to sit in the office and apologize for not taking a break didn't put sunshine in my day.

I get that it's against the Union rules to not take a break, but if I don't have the time, I don't have the time. I hate going on break and then coming back to find so much stuff needing to be done. I'd rather do everything and then go eat in peace. Oh--and obviously I have issues delegating, but that's another post for another day.

I'm not going to talk about my patient's because it wasn't their fault, but even with the additional help of a Lunch break nurse---I was still unable to take a break. So now Big Poppa aka the Manager is probably going to pull me into his office on Monday to have another sit down.


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