Thursday, September 20, 2007


It turns out that my boss wanted to talk to me because of some paperwork that I hadn't filled out on an admission. The admit rolled into the unit 5 minutes before change of shift and I actually gave report late assessing her and settling her in. The oncoming nurse (who happens to be a lazy fiend), ended up telling me that since the admit came in I needed to do all the paperwork before I left.

I did the care plan, teaching plan, admit assessment and the only thing left for her to do was her shift assessment. She ends up reporting me for not taking a picture of the patient's butt because the pt had a stage 2 which I had documented but never took the picture of.

Like I'm supposed to be dicking around looking for the fuckin' Polaroid camera when I'm already there 30 minutes past my shift end doing your work.



raecatherine said...

ooh this sucks. does this lazy nurse have your manager under her thumb? because it seems *very* unprofessional and strange for your manager to call you at home for this. Nursing is a 24/7 job and there's a reason you have 24hrs to complete patient hx!

NocturnalRN said...

I like your style. Can't believe you were called to the office for this bullshit