Monday, December 24, 2007


This weekend was one of those days that if I hadn't handed in my resignation letter already, I would have had to resign all over again. However, it's over and I have today off to recuperate and rejuvenate so I'm not even going to dwell on the torrid parts, but instead, will focus on the goodness.

My coworkers are the greatest! I was so frustrated that I hadn't taken lunch and it was an hour to report. The Charge Nurse practically ordered me to take a break and when I came back everything was done---and I mean everything from my last meds passed, foleys emptied and documented and fingersticks done and insulin given. They even helped me document some of my new patient paperwork and the only thing I had to come back to do was to finish charting and give report. Talk about teamwork. In 30 minutes they had pulled together and finished what would have taken me the rest of the shift to finish.

Man...I hate the fact that I'm leaving. And I think they do too. As the day draws nigh, I start hearing more and more how everyone is going to miss me when I'm gone. It's nice to feel valued, even if I was just on the unit for 6 months, I feel like I really bonded and made some great friends. I really am going to miss not being here anymore.

When I left my first job in 2005, I thought I would never find another place that I adored my coworkers as much, but my crew of 2007 have proven me wrong. I guess it doesn't matter where you go in the US, if you are a genuine person you will make genuine connections.

Happy holidays to everyone.
7 more days till Portland baby!

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