Sunday, January 20, 2008

Cardiac Jitters

I've just started a new job at this super advanced hospital. It's the largest tertiary cardiac hospital in the WHOLE state, and has a reputation of sterling gold. I'm learning so much on this unit, which is great because at my old job I was getting kinda stagnant. It's a cardiac telemetry unit, and when I say cardiac, I mean CARDIAC. They are hardcore about the cardiac ish.

I'm worried about working this week because now that I'm off orientation I'm expected to fly on my own. It's a ratio of 5 patients per night, which isn't hard except I'm still new and figuring everything out. Hopefully they go easy on me the first few days, it would suck if I couldn't hang.

The whole hospital is computerized to the next level, everything is computerized. It reminds me of my old job in Maryland, and the ease that technology adds to everything does make up for the 'fish out of water' feeling that I have. I love the fact that I can do all my charting on my patients on the computer in less than 15 minutes!

It actually gives more time to spend with the patients. I'm doing 12 hour nights, and they have me on 3 in a rows, so hopefully I will stay on top of my game and the Super Nurse will find her wings again.

Wish me luck!

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