Saturday, January 12, 2008


Hey peoples,

Do I really post that infrequent that noone knows I've been out? Dayum! New Year Resolution, post more often.

I was sick in the hospital since the 5th, not a cool way to start the year but it has been my modus operandi as of the last few years.

Anyway, there is alot to do and say, but first I must catch up on all you blogging freaks out there.

Oh, and although I'm hella late,


By the way, my new job starts on the 14th, I'm going to be a travel nurse...can I get a hells yeah?


Anonymous said...

I like your blog you know. I myself am a first year, second term nursing student. When I catch a moment I like to read your positive blog, and how much you love nursing. I'm going into it older, at 43, but God willing I'll have at least a 20 year career. I'm tired of the naysayers, like, "ew, hope you enjoy puke,poop and pee", stuff like that. I bet they are just jealous that they don't get off their butts and take on the hardest challenge of their lives. This is HARD, HARD, HARD and I can't stress hard enough. Brutal. But I know way worth it in the end. Can't wait. Beth

NocturnalRN said...

I have been slacking too! I'm glad you are gonna travel. I hope you go all around the country.