Monday, December 03, 2007

7 Random Things

I've been tagged by Nocturnal RN and I'm supposed to share 7 random/weird things about myself. I have alot of weird things about me, and I've done this several times on my other blogs, but for the sake of this blog, I'll stick to 7 weird things about me in nursing, to keep it fresh.
  1. At work, I hydrate by drinking a gallon of water mixed with 3% lemonade or lemon juice. I can drink this more than just straight water, and it actually makes me feel like I'm staying hydrated.
  2. Since the very first day out of nursing school and on the floor, I've taken report the same way, folding an A4 paper into four and sticking it in my pocket for reference. Everything is on there, but if I lose it I can still function because the art of writing the stuff makes it stick in my brain.
  3. I coordinate everything about my scrubs. I even coordinate my shoes, socks and hair clips. My watch is coordinated as well as most of my 'nursing' stuff. Getting dressed for work is a ritual for me, it puts me in the mindset of going to work. It's like my supernurse outfit...and TaDa!, I'm ready to hit the floor running as soon as I clock in. Most of my scrubs and outfits are red, pink, green or variations of blue.
  4. I always chart at the end of the shift, in the last hour after I&Os and everything is done. I just want to get a complete feeling when I'm done charting, so charting twice irritates the hell out of me. I'll work straight through the shift with minimal breaks and get my patients tucked in by 10 so that I can compose my report and chart in the last hour. That's essential to me.
  5. I HATE the pagers...I think everyone does. When mine goes off and it's not my patient, I get very irritated when the nurse covering doesn't seem to care or doesn't deal with the issue. I'm the one that's going, "Are you doing something about your patients' HR of 140?" It's not because I care that much, I just hate my pager going off!! Sometimes I want to slam it against the wall. Almost every shift in fact.
  6. I make rounds on my patients' every hour and tell them this when I introduce myself. This is more for me than them, I want to poke my head in, see their chest rise and ask if they need anything. Usually I find my patients end up using the call bell less, because they know I'll be around soon.
  7. At the end of the day as I'm clocking out, I give myself a mental pat on the back and say, "Good job Vixen you supernurse you!"

Okay, totally weird but then again, they did ask for weird things. So I'm sending this back out with a twist. Nurses, what are the weird things you do?

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